This is a Series of Photographs of life aboard the USS Indiana
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Keep It Shipshape
A Day Ashore
Launching And Recovery
Religious Services
Rest And Recreation

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Special Delivery
Rough Weather, 05 June 1945 Typhoon
V-J Day
Ports Of Call

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How To Become A Shellback


cruisebook/page048ul.jpgCleaning life lines, Taken USS Indiana, September 1945

cruisebook/page048ur.jpg Cleaning 20mm gun on top of ammunition locker, Taken USS Indiana September 1945

cruisebook/page048l.jpg Marine wire brushing elevation wheel of 20mm gum mount, Taken USS Indiana September 1945

cruisebook/page049u.jpg Holy stoning main deck, Taken USS Indiana September 1945

44cal/page11u.jpg Scrubbing down hammocks, Taken USS Indiana 1943

45cal/page05l.jpgScrubbing down hammocks, Taken USS Indiana, 1944

cruisebook/page049l.jpg Maintaining 16" recoil, Turret One, Taken USS Indiana, 1945

San Pedro Bay, Leyte Gulf, Philippines
21 June 1945

cruisebook/page077m.jpgAll aboard

cruisebook/page078u.jpg On the way

cruisebook/page078mt.jpg In sight

cruisebook/page078ml.jpg Unloading

cruisebook/page078l.jpg Liberty hounds

cruisebook/page074l.jpg Holding up a palm tree

cruisebook/page079mu.html Relaxing

cruisebook/page079l.jpg End of the day


The scout planes were constantly being launched, sometimes as bombardment spotters, sometimes on anti-submarine patrol, and sometimes to rescue downed carrier airman. Air crews on these float planes generally hated these launchings. The acceleration of the plane, blasted down the tracks by an explosion of gunpowder, sometimes caused the crew to blackout or lose consciousness. Recovering these planes was a little easier, the Indiana would steer a tight, partial circle (about 90 degrees), smoking float flares were thrown over to mark wind direction, and the Indiana's forward inertia would leave a "lake" of fairly smooth water for a few hundred feet behind for the plane to land on. The plane then taxied to a net, "sea sled", the recess on the bottom of the float hooked onto the sled, and the sled and plane was pulled toward the ship's aft crane. The hook of the ships aft crane was attached to the plane by the planes crew and the plane with crew was lifted and placed back on the catapult.

hist/page025.jpg Getting Ready, Taken USS Indiana, 1945.

cruisebook/page054u Take off, Taken USS Indiana 1945

cruisebook/page054m Landing, Taken USS Indiana 1945

cruisebook/page054ll Catching the hook, Taken USS Indiana 1945

cruisebook/page054lr Hoisting in, Taken USS Indiana 1945

cruisebook/page052l Changing the prop, Taken USS Indiana 1945


44cal/page04l.jpg Catholic, Taken USS Indiana 1943

44cal/page04u.jpg Protestant, Taken USS Indiana 1943

45cal/page04u.jpg Chaplain Reverend Andrus conducts Protestant services, Taken USS Indiana, 1944

45cal/page04l.jpg Chaplain Father Lynch officiates at Catholic Services, Taken USS Indiana, 1944

cruisebook/page068lcha01.jpg Worship topside on the fantail, at sea, Taken USS Indiana, 1944

cruisebook/page068ul Reverend Wright, Taken USS Indiana 1945

cruisebook/page068ur Father Cragen, Taken USS Indiana 1945

cruisebook/page069u Mormon Service, Taken USS Indiana 1945

cruisebook/page069m Christian League, Taken USS Indiana 1945

cruisebook/page069lcha02.jpg Jewish Service, Taken USS Indiana, 1945


otherpics/andrews01.jpg Camp Andrews, Island of Oahu, HI 1943

otherpics/andrews02.jpg Camp Andrews, Island of Oahu, HI 1943

otherpics/andrews03.jpg Camp Andrews, Island of Oahu, HI 1943

otherpics/andrews04.jpg Camp Andrews, Island of Oahu, HI 1943

otherpics/andrews05.jpg Camp Andrews, Island of Oahu, HI 1943

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